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Submitting Content

sepiaIn general, when submitting content, include:

  • A ‘Good’ Title or Headline (see headline guidelines below)
  • A few sentences for the lead paragraph, written for web audience.
    • More is fine. Readers like content.
    • Consider using a pull quote from your story to begin the piece.
  • Audio: broadcast ready audio file, mp3 format.
    • Name the audio file DD-MM-YY_ShowName.mp3.
  • A Featured Image: 1000×500 jpg,  optimized to less than 100kb, (2:1 aspect ratio) additional images can be included in the body of the post. .png files can be much larger, so use .jpg images unless there’s a specific reason for a .png. Take a few photos of your guest / subject with your phone! landscape (horizontal) oriented, not portrait.
  • Rename your images files something meaningful other than the default “IMG_34822.jpg”.
  • Include image captions, credits.
  • Embed or include web links as relevant to piece. Look for associated twitter or facebook accounts to use in social media promotion.
  • Include the show name and day the piece will air or aired.
  • Submit your text as close to verbatim as possible. Be open to your copy being edited.
  • Check your spelling again. Don’t use apostrophe’s in plurals.
  • Check again to see if all files (text, images, audio) have meaningful names? (not myshow.doc, pic1.jpg, etc..)
  • When ready, submit all content together at once. A link to zipped google drive or dropbox file is preferred.

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