Bees at the Boulder Public Library

The Boulder Public Library is currently home to several bee hives on the roof of its downtown branch. Jennifer Cornell reports that the hives are maintained by the Bee Chicas, a Boulder-based voice for pollinators and organizers of the Boulder Pollinator Appreciation Month Celebrations. 

The library bee hives can be seen from inside the bridge near Seeds Library Cafe or from the Boulder Creek Path or inside the Japanese Garden at the Main Library. The Bee Chicas say that there is no danger to the public from the library bees as the flight path of bees from the hive is usually in an upward arc away from the hive. The hives are elevated well above people’s heads and are out of the path of humans. Bees fly up to a 3-mile radius to forage for nectar and pollen. The elevated location of the hives protects people from the bees and the hives from most foragers.