Voter Participation Picks Up on Election Day


There has been brisk business throughout the day at the drive through ballot box outside the Boulder County Clerk and Recorders office.  Election judge Kelly Murphy, takes ballots from passing drivers.

“We’re getting a nice stream of traffic, you bet, real nice people and some dogs too!”

Inside at the voter service center, Mircalla Wozniak with the Boulder County Clerk and Recorders office fields questions from the few people  coming inside to cast their ballots or to register to vote.

“All Colorado voters are mailed a ballot however if for some reason your ballot was undeliverable…you can come into any voter service center in the county where you are registered or are resident, and register and vote. So people can come in today, first time voters, or if you’ve just moved to Colorado and need to register and vote as long as you meet the residency requirements.”

Turn out for primary elections is typically much lower than in general elections, but this year, for the first time unaffiliated voters can participate, which could significantly impact voter turnout.

Just over 200,000 ballots were sent to voters in Boulder County. Through late Monday, early Tuesday approximately 56,000 ballots had been returned, of those 32,000 were Democratic ballots, 9,000 Republican ballots and 13,000 unaffiliated. People can track voter returns on-line.

Voters have until 7pm this evening to turn in their primary ballots.



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