Genesisters Radio Project

GENESISTER is a pregnancy prevention program for the siblings of pregnant and parenting teens in Boulder County. It is a partner program to the award-winning GENESIS Program for pregnant and parenting teens. GENESISTER was developed in response to the high number of GENESIS siblings who become teen parents themselves.

Maya Sol Dansie, program coordinator with GENSISTERS says that when compared to siblings of non-parenting teens, adolescent siblings of teen parents are 2-6 times more likely to become pregnant and are more likely to be sexually active during early adolescence.  The program empowers the participants in being able to decide when they want to become parents and also helps them stay in education.

“We do recognize that there is a cultural message that has been historical around early motherhood and delaying professional development or higher education, so really leveraging the resilience within the history of our community and seeing that a lot of our young people are first generation or recent immigrants to the US and come from a struggle and a strong resilience of their families wanting a different opportunity for them.”



During the 2018 Spring Break, bilingual youth from the Longmont Genesisters program visited the KGNU studios for a week long of hands-on activities and learning about the awesome world of community radio. During the Radio Production & Storytelling Workshop, girls between the ages of 13 and 16 learned to use the basic tools for radio production and developed stories that voiced their experiences, thoughts, dreams and passions.


KGNU’s Media Gardens is a project designed to engage bilingual youth through the exploration of media, music, and culture in the digital and analog frontiers. Participants in the Media Gardens become a seed to amplify youth voices and perspectives from their community by acquiring critical media literacy skills and media production skills.





Listen to Jozzlyn Rubalacaba’s “Toxic Friends”, a story of her experience having a Toxic Best Friend and the struggles that happened because of it, and how she grew from that experience.


In this fictional story, Jozzlyn Rubalcaba tells a tale of the reality of getting lost.


Listen to “The Garcia Soto’s Family Story”, a personal story narrated by Andrea Soto Garcia, where she shares the experience of being raised by immigrant parents.

The Garcia Soto’s Family Story

La Historia de la Familia Soto Garcia


“Abuelita receives a Message” is a fictional story created by Andrea Soto Garcia.  Listen to the story of a grandmother who receives startling news.


“Lost Brother” is a fictional story created by 13 year old America Gonzales.  Set in Los Angeles, this story takes us to a faithful day in the lives of a brother and sister.  Digital Editing by Jozzlyn Rubalcaba.


Yocelyn Arredondo Velasco developed this fictional story about an encounter between gangs.