School Shootings and Gun Control: Victims and Families Speak Out

With yet another school shooting last week in Florida, students and family members of those who have been killed are calling out lawmakers for the inaction on gun control.

On Tuesday February 13th, hundreds of people packed a committee hearing at the Colorado state legislature for a debate on 3 Republican proposed bills that would ease gun regulation in the state.

One bill would have allowed people with concealed-carry permits to take guns onto school grounds, another would have repealed the state’s ban on high-capacity magazines that dates back to 2013, and a third bill would have allowed business owners and employees to use deadly force against intruders, a proposal that was being dubbed a make my day law for the business community.

After 8 hours of emotional testimony, Democrats on the committee rejected all 3 pieces of legislation that had been all proposed by Republicans.


One of those who testified yesterday was Tom Mauser, a gun control advocate in Colorado who lost his son Daniel in the Columbine school shooting. Tom and Linda Mauser have worked for stricter gun laws in the years following Daniel’s murder. They spoke with KGNU’s Tish Beauford about the current gun laws and efforts to tighten them.


l-r: Tom Mauser, Tish Beauford, Linda Mauser