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Commission: Colorado failing at higher education goals

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Colorado’s Higher Education Commission says the state is failing to meet its higher education goals and that the high cost of college is pricing out too many students. Bente Birkeland has more…


The latest strategic plan is calling for 66 percent of high school students to receive a higher education degree by 2025. That could be a certificate, a community college degree or four year degree. Right now it’s only 55 percent. The goal was first established five years ago.  State education officials also want to do a better job of preparing students for college so they complete degrees faster, and invest more money so it’s not so costly. Kim Hunter Reed heads the Department of Higher Education

Reed says “We know we have the number one economy in the country but we have the second highest equity gap in the country. The question is how do we ensure there is expanded opportunity for all of our residents?”

But given Colorado’s tight budget constraints shoring up higher education is difficult.  The state’s Latino population, the fastest growing also has the lowest college enrollment of any ethnic group in the state.