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Local Food Summit 2017: Moving to a Local Food Revolution

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The first nationwide local food conference will happen on-line from August 6 – 16th. It is the brainchild of Michael Brownlee, who has long been involved in the local food movement in Colorado. “There’s never been a national local food conference in the United States, and that kind of makes sense because everybody is focused on what they’re doing locally, but we felt that it’s time to circle the wagons and the only way to do that in a sustainable, regenerative way is to do it as a virtual conference, all online.”
Brownlee says the goal of the summit is to take the local food movement to a whole new level “a level that we call a local food revolution.”

The free Local Food Summit will be a combination of online interviews and presentations, plus live webinars, featuring activists, practitioners, authors and elders who are at the front lines of the local food movement.


We speak with Michael Brownlee, and with one of the participants, Daniel Asher, co-founder of River and Woods, a Boulder restaurant that strives to be a true community restaurant, who will be conducting some of the interviews during the summit.