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Outsources: “ME” – Mary Elizabeth Rider

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“ME” – Mary Elizabeth Rider is a TEDxAnchorage speaker, social worker, and consultant who has worn many different hats in consulting, mental health, human services, nonprofits, politics, philanthropy, and the arts.

ME has spent the past few decades in Anchorage. Listen to her insights about Alaska, Anchorage, the LGBT community there and issues that are common (few nondiscrimination laws) and those that are surprisingly different  from the lower 48 states (anyone can adopt kids and does).

She will be moving to the metro area to marry Dancin’ Divas founder, Susie Pringle in June. They are inviting the public to join their pre-wedding celebration at Boulder’s Avalon on June 9 for Dancin’ Divas “I love vinyl” dance in Boulder headlined by San Francisco DJ Tina Rockaway. ME Rider spoke with KGNU’s Karen Raforth.