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Tech Talks: Diagnostics in Auto Repairs

Posted: April 21, 2017 at 2:16 pm by , in Morning Magazine, Tech Talks

This week, we continue our conversation with Gregory Rintala of Snap-on Tools regarding technology in the automotive industry. As we heard last week, the technological advancements in commercial cars are extraordinary, but how will the high tech cars be worked on? The rise of micro processors in the automotive industry may affect how we are able to work on cars, impacting the automotive culture as a whole. The need for highly trained, specialized individuals to operate tools to troubleshoot the most basic of car troubles is becoming and reality and a necessity to accommodate the intense technological advancements within the automotive industry. Diagnostic tools are changing the face of automotive culture, and will soon impact everyone on the road.



Host: Interviewer Megan Little, Sr, Niwot High School.

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