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“She Rode Horses Like The Stock Exchange” Gives Absurdly Funny and Troubling Perspective on Gender and Privilege

Posted: April 28, 2017 at 3:24 pm by , in Metro Arts

Square Product Theatre is back at the Dairy Arts Center with their latest show, a regional premiere of She Rode Horses Like the Stock Exchange, a new play by Amelia Roper. She Rode Horses Like the Stock Exchange is a biting, absurdist comedy in which two New England couples with a history try very, very hard to be “Nice” to each other as the Global Financial Crisis Gallops into town. Performances are at the Dairy Arts Center on 4/28 at 7:30, 4/29 at 4 and select times now through May 13th.

On Friday night, April 28, Square Product will host a panel discussion called, “Women at Work: A Community Conversation”.

KGNU’s Veronica Straight-Lingo had the opportunity to speak with Playwright Amelia Roper and Producing Artistic Director Emily K. Harrison about the show.