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Outsources – Grindr: A Case Study of Social Media and the LGBTQ Community

Posted: December 19, 2016 at 4:48 pm by , in Outsources

Zach Stafford

Zach Stafford

Interviews with freelance writer Zach Stafford and Denver artist Adam Milner, exploring the ways in which social media and technology affect the LGBTQ community.  From AOL Instant Messenger on dial up internet to the geosocial app Grindr on the smart phone, Zach and Adam discuss how the digital age is shaping social interactions and relationships.

Follow Zach Stafford on Twitter to find out more about his work as a freelance writer.

For more information about Adam Milner’s work, including pictures of the piece entitled Torsos referenced in this episode, visit his website.


Top Image: Adam Milner

Music credit: Angel Olsen – Hi Five