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Front Range Farmers Support Standing Rock Water Protectors

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“What’s a better way to show our support for them is by sending them delicious nutritious food and we’re behind then 100%.”

Rod Brueske, of La Joyia Farm and Mark Guttridge, of Ollin Farms, both in Longmont, have joined forces with other local farmers to provide fresh produce to the water protectors in Standing Rock in North Dakota.

Guttridge says that they’re harnessing the energy and support of the local community for the water protectors. “A lot of the farmers down here were talking and I think we can definitely understand the motivation that the protectors have up there to lead these sort of gatherings and we just want to show support and what better way than to send up some of the good food that came from us, tending the earth in Boulder County and given our effort down here to have the healthiest soils and healthiest water possibility and so we just want to show support.”

Over 100lbs of winter squash along with winter radishes and carrots and pie pumpkins were loaded onto Brueske’s truck at Ollin Farms to deliver to Standing Rock. Guttridge says that throughout the week, customers at the farm have donated blankets, batteries and gas money as well.

Before setting off for North Dakota, Brueske stopped by the farmers market at Union Station in Denver on the last day of the season and loaded even more fresh produce from 10 farmers for the Standing Rock protectors. “Mark got us a good start but my objective is to at least take…I’d like to see 2,000 lbs of food to go up to support our protectors.”

In all, close to 1,000 lbs of food was delivered to Standing Rock. Brueske says that he hopes to continue to deliver food throughout the winter.

“What we’re really seeing in my eyes and my opinion is…this is really an example of our government corporate oppression…we’re seeing the most marginalized people getting oppressed…what’s a better way to show our support for them is by sending them delicious nutritious food and we’re behind then 100%.”


Mark Guttridge and Rod Brueske joined KGNU’s Maeve Conran live on A Public Affair on Monday October 31st to talk about future efforts to deliver locally grown produce to the water protectors.


There will be a booth at both the Longmont and Boulder Farmers markets on Saturday November 5th where people can:

1) Find out more information about the effort to send nutritious local food up to the camps at Standing Rock
2) Make a financial contribution to assist in the purchase of that local food for the next delivery
3) Write down a message of solidarity in a book that will accompany the food in delivery

The Boulder Farmers Market runs from 8am-2pm
The Longmont Farmers Market runs from 8am-1pm

Rod Brueske kept an audio diary while he was delivering food to Standing Rock. Brueske made contact with the water protectors through the organization Stop the Frack Attack.