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SALSA Monologues

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SALSA is the latest production by Motus Theater in collaboration with Programa Compañeras that explores the life, strength and resilience of Latina immigrants. Kirsten Wilson of Motus Theater says the work is a follow-up to “Do You Know Who I Am?”. After the previous production many in the audience asked “what about the women?” because a lot of the people on stage were young men who are in the middle of the immigration rights conflict and struggling with being immigrants in the community.

Wilson connected with Elena Arenda of Programa Compañeras, the women’s program at El Centro Amistad “for the past 7 years, once a month we do an activity that we call My History with Salsa Flavor, where one women will present a salsa and at the same time they tell us about their life in the United States.”

The result is SALSA Stories, a stage production that features immigrant Latina women sharing their stories.

Laura Soto shares her experience of being a working mother who is also an undocumented immigrant in her monologue “You See Me But You Don’t See Me.”


Ana K. Casa Ibarra shares her heartbreak after her brother was deported from the US back to Mexico, to a country he barely knew in her monologue “To My Brother Luis Alberto Casas Ibarra.”


The SALSA monologues will be performed:

  • Saturday, April 2nd at 7pm, at the Mary Miller Theater (300 E. Simpson St., Lafayette.)
  • Saturday, April 9th at 7pm, at the Louisville Center for the Arts (801 Grant Avenue, Louisville.)