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Human Trafficking Advocacy Day: Sidelined Voices Speak Out

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The high-profile Human Trafficking Advocacy Day, an annual event held at the state capitol has in the past been attended by high-profile officials such as the Chief of Police Robert White, then Denver Sheriff Elias Diggins, former State Attorney John Suthers, and US Attorney John Walsh along with state legislators.  A lower profile event is also held by those who want to raise awareness about the survivors of human trafficking.  Along with those voices though, advocates also want to raise awareness about those who are in the sex industry by choice.

Domina Elle is one of those and she along with Billie McIntyre of the Social Wellness and Advocacy Network hold an annual tabling event on Human Trafficking Advocacy Day on Thursday to provide an alternative to the more visible HTAD about the issues experienced by survivors of human trafficking including labor trafficking, but also what those who are willingly engaged in the sex industry experience in the criminal justice system if they are arrested.


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