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Boulder Food Rescue

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Since its inception in 2011, Boulder Food Rescue has diverted over 1 million pounds of food away from landfills and redirected to people who need fresh produce.

Hannah Dansky, one of the co-founders of Boulder Food Rescue says the 523 tons of food that Boulder Food Rescue has rescued in the past 4 years represents just  a tiny amount of the millions of tons of foods that end up in landfills every year around the country. The model that Dansky and her co-founders created is now being replicated around the country and around the world. “The exciting part of the food justice movement and the food waste movement in general is that it’s growing….there are a lot of people that are contacting us to try to help them replicate models.”  Dansky says a lot of former BFR volunteers have moved to other cities and have set up their own food rescue models “it started by us saying ‘food is going to waste in every city, people need it in every city, there must be some way to share these lessons learned and best practices with other cities.” Dansky says now they have a whole network of organization (The Food Rescue Alliance) “we host workshops and we share documents and we have next and best practices and shared ideas and momentum around the work we’re doing.”


Boulder Food Rescue is hosting the Feast of Fermentation, Saturday November 7th from 6-8pm at the Museum of Boulder featuring musical artists Laura Goldhamer and Bareface.