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The US withholds $5 million security aid from Mexico for human rights violations. Mexico “most unequal’ of 34 developed nations. Afro-Honduran organization wins 2015 Food Sovereignty Prize. Escalating attacks against Nicaraguan police officers. Labor unions divided at Nicaraguan mine. Crime wave in Costa Rica. Rightwing former governor of Zulia state arrested for corruption. Brazilian president threatened with impeachment. Argentine and Guatemalan elections. Complete La Lucha Sigue programs with music and credits are posted in the show archives.


La Lucha Sigue, KGNU’s long-running Latin American & Caribbean news show, is known for an innovative format that is attracting an audience who avoids more traditional public affairs programming.

Over the years many listeners have requested access to the information broadcast on La Lucha Sigue, but without the musical accompaniment and other effects.

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