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A Small Good Thing

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A Small Good Thing is a documentary that asks “What does it take to live a good life in the US?”  Film maker Pamela Tanner Boll follows 6 people who live happy and fulfilled lives and found commonalities between them all. “I had an idea to illustrate some of the new science that shows how you can be happy.”  Tanner Boll says research shows that having a strong mind-body practice and spending time in the natural world are protective factors that help people be happy.  Tanner Boll says that giving back to the community and having just enough money also contribute to a person’s happiness, having more money than you need does not increase your happiness.

A Small Good Thing will be screened at the Dairy Center for the Arts Sunday October 11th at 4.30pm and 730pm and both screenings will be followed by a Q and A with the film maker Pamela Tanner Boll.



A Small Good Thing TRAILER from Mystic Artists on Vimeo.