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Democratic Socialism: Is it possible in the US?

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Bernie Sanders has been drawing huge crowds around the country as he campaigns for the Democratic nomination for the Presidential race.

Tracy Mott, a professor of economics at the University of Denver says Sanders is tapping into something that many Americans feel – a discomfort about growing income inequality.

“We know that real wages in this country have stagnated for two or three decades right now…pay in real terms per worker including benefits as well as the take home pay check and people are aware that something is wrong and our pay structure – the disparity between CEOs and the ordinary worker is very high and one might say “why does it have to be that high?”…might we not find our economy working better if we allow real wages to rise.”

Professor Mott will be speaking on the Bernie Sanders momentum and its impact on political discourse as well as giving an economic analysis of democratic socialism at a talk on Sunday August 23rd from 34.30pm at the Boulder Public Library, Arapahoe Avenue branch, Boulder Creek Room.

The event is being organized by the Denver-Boulder Democratic Socialists of America (DSA.)