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Blame it on Hoboken Ep. 2: Rewind

Posted: August 21, 2015 at 3:10 pm by , in Blame It On Hoboken, Metro Arts, Spirit and Mind

The time: One day earlier. Join Caroline at work as she leads a high school tour group to her favorite overlooked site in New York City: the grave of the 19th century poet Enid Hobb, in a little churchyard in Greewich Village.

You’ll meet Caroline’s friend, Reverend Evans … and hear the pop hit of the spring, inspired by the inscription on Enid’s headstone, as sung by the students of Hillendale High.

Caroline begins your tour now, in the churchyard where Enid Hobb rests in peace. And our story’s mystery begins…

About Blame It On Hoboken

Sharon Glassman‘s serial fiction with original music brings you the story of quirky, modern optimists looking for love “Their Way” in Frank Sinatra’s hometown, and their beautiful, brainy discoveries along the way. KGNU will be featuring new episodes each week on

The Longmont, CO author combines her East Coast background with Colorado actors and musicians to create audio fiction that’s timely for Sinatra’s 100th birthday year of 2015.

Meet the Performers

The cast of Blame It On Hoboken features funny, smart Boulder County performers, including: Nina Rolle (Truth Be Told), Connor Magyar (Don’t Yell at Me), Jim Walker (Playback Theater West), and Eryc Eyl (aka: DJ Savior Breath).

The songs, written by Sharon Glassman and produced by Eric Thorin (bass), feature musicians that might be familiar to front range residents and KGNU listeners alike, including: Rich Moore (guitar), Dexter Payne (sax and clarinet), Glenn Taylor (pedal steel), Eric Moon (pianos), Mark Dalio (percussion), and Paul Kiteck (mandolin/violin)

Plus: Guest vocals by Lauren Stovall (The Railsplitters), Wende Harton (Queen City Jazz Band), Nick Forster and more.

About the Author

Sharon Glassman was trained as a journalist in New York City. She found her true “beat” telling warmhearted non-fiction and fiction stories on stages, pages, digital media and radio nationwide. Sharon is also the author of Love, Santa (Grand Central Publishing). She lives in Longmont, Colorado. Sharon Glassman on facebookTwitter.