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The Ayotzinapa Caravan Arrives in the US: Families of Missing Mexican Students Educate the Public

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BERKELEY-The families of the 43 students who were disappeared in Mexico on September 26, 2014 have launched a caravan with international stops in attempt to clear up some of the myths and misrepresentations that they say international media is spreading. They said they wanted to shed light on US foreign policy that harms Mexicans.

On that night in September, students and teachers from the Raul Isidro Burgos teacher’s training school were protesting the discriminatory hiring of teachers when they were attacked by police.   Five students and teachers were shot dead and 43 went missing.  The first stop of the caravan was in Berkeley California and KGNU met the caravan.

(Out of respect for Spanish monolingual speakers we are providing subsequent rather than simultaneous interpretation)


The caravan reaches Colorado on April 12th and KGNU will bring you a report upon their arrival.

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