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Bloody Sunday Selma: KGNU Producer Relocates to Alabama to Raise Awareness of Mass Incarceration

Posted: March 8, 2015 at 11:27 pm by , in Early Morning News

SELMA-Jennifer Murnan is co-founder of Womyn Air that can be heard on KGNU’s Metro show twice a month.  She said because of the dire circumstances in Alabama around mass incarceration, she has temporarily located there.  She was instrumental in the freeing of Sekou Kambui who was released from prison after 40 years incarceration.   She now works to raise awareness of the mass incarceration of political prisoners and especially of female prisoners recognizing that the female demographic is currently the fastest growing in the US.




Jennifer Murnan participates in an immigration rights march at Bloody Sunday commemoration events on March 8, 2015.