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Colorado Black Round Table Hosts Election Candidates

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The Colorado Black Round Table regularly hosts meetings sometimes called Losing Ground. The transition from Losing Ground to Gaining ground is in swing and the GAINING GROUND summit that took place September 27th at Manual High School covered the topics of education, leadership, service, health equity, and a candidate forum. For this edition of Metro, we will hear from candidates who were specifically addressing the African American community. Republican candidates were invited to the first forum but only eight turned up. They were Cory Gardner, Bob Beauprez, Martin Walsh, Don Yetterberg, Wayne Williams, John Carson, Jeffry Washington, and Juliemarie Sheppard.

Independent candidate for State House District 7 Elet Valentine starts us off and then we hear from John Hickenlooper, Mark Udall, Andrew Romanoff, Ed Perlmutter, Don Quick, Betsy Markey, and Joe Neguse.



Those were a few of the candidates running in this Novembers election. Ballots go out October 14th. The Colorado black roundtable will host another meeting Saturday Oct 18, at 10:30 am at the H.Davis Rec Center, 3340 Holly St. in Denver. The topic will be the Black Community and mid-term elections.