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Many Lyons residents still displaced one year after the 2013 flood

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The 1 year anniversary of the historic 2013 floods is approaching.  Lyons was one of the towns the hardest hit and they are planning a series of commemorative events, in many ways celebrating how far the town has come in the recovery process. However there are still an estimated 200 people still not back in Lyons following the flood. Many of them are from the area now known as the confluence, where many homes were destroyed. Pam Barnes lived in the little geodesic dome on the corner of 5th and Prospect. She didn’t have flood insurance and even though she was not deemed substantially damaged, the entire inside of her house has been gutted.

She has been staying with her daughter and now a house sitting job she has had is coming to an end, and she is now faced with finding another temporary accommodation.  She has been driving 75 miles a day for the past 10 months to her job in Lyons and she said she won’t be celebrating the 1 year anniversary as she is still so far from recovering from the flood.