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Boulder woman launches petition to stop street harassment 

Posted: July 11, 2014 at 8:00 am by , in Breaking News, Featured, Morning Magazine

(Update 7/16/14 – see below)

It may seem like some harmless fun, but ask most women who have been wolf whistled at on the street, it can be embarrassing, uncomfortable and unwelcome.  That was the experience of 18 year old Esme Rodahaver when she was wolf whistled by a well known tour bus in Boulder…as a result she has launched a petition on to ask Banjo Billy’s to stop the wolf whistling.  She shared her story with Maeve Conran.

UPDATE: On July 11th, John Georgis, the owner of Banjo Billy’s Bus Tours posted the following message on the petition site:

Dear Ms. Rodehaver,

We meant no harm by the wolf whistle. Our female drivers use it with male pedestrians as well. We were an equal opportunity whistlers. The horn also barks, whinnies like a horse and quacks like a duck. Either way, we have removed the wolf whistle from our repertoire.


John Georgis

Owner/Banjo Billy’s Bus Tours